This is one of the best features on Youtube

Although for the moment, on very specific channels.

When you are a dominant platform, you only have to copy the competition to maintain your position. This is what Amazon does, for example, which copies the prices of the offers from FNAC, El Corte Inglés, etc., when they occur.

Lately, YouTube is applying a similar strategy. A few days ago YouTube copied the purchases within the videos from Instagram, and today YouTube does the same with one of the most popular functions of Twitch: cutting fragments of video to share them.

It is currently an alpha feature, according to the press release, so it is only available to some very specific creators.

We have already tested and it is very easy to use🔥

When you touch it, a new window is displayed where you have to drag some blue bars to choose the beginning and the end of the fragment. By tapping on Share Clip, you can share it on social networks, email, or post it in a forum or an embedded web, or through a link.

The possibility of cutting fragments of videos to share them was one of the most demanded functions by YouTube users. Fans are always wanting to extract memes, comments, or funny scenes from videos, to share them.

YouTube has been reluctant for years to include the Crop feature, perhaps because it prefers to have the entire video shared. But seeing the popularity that Clip has on Twitch and the like, YouTube has had no choice but to include it.✔️✔️

We will see if it is only a function for selected videos, or ends up reaching all videos. 

Would you like to try it?


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