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Getting your website right means figuring out how to say what you need it to say, in a way that resonates with visitors (and actually works).

It isn’t just about making it look nice. It’s making it look right – for your target audience. It’s making it do all the right things to convey the emotions and feelings🤌🏼 you want to convey, to give the impression you want to give, and inspire people to take the action you want them to take. It’s about making all those things intentional, rather than accidental.

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There are three (3) factors that determine how long it will take to complete your project:

  1. Scope of the work to be done.
  2. The availability of the team that is building it.
  3. How quickly the client can provide feedback and their availability for any necessary team meetings.

That being said, the websites that Redwind tend to work on will usually take 3-6 weeks including content creation, feedback rounds, and go live. More complex sites (such as e-commerce, membership sites, and similar) can take longer, often 5-8 weeks, but it is greatly dependent on the number of features & products.

When we give you a project quote, we will always include a time estimate along with the anticipated price.

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