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Website Development

From design to animation to development, we have a broad range of creative and technical services available to support your business.

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A high-performing website is the bread and butter of any successful business. The internet has evolved significantly since the early days, and simply having an online presence is no longer enough.

Today, your website has to be well-designed, finely-tuned and developed to the highest standards. The architecture, design, and development all have to be expertly-crafted to create a smooth, engaging experience, which turns visitors into customers. Your site structure needs to work with your SEO and marketing strategy to ensure good rankings and strong conversion rate and with the dominant use of mobile devices, having a mobile-friendly site is critical.

Redwind’s team of developers can help you achieve these goals.

Email Marketing

Deliver your message directly into your customers’ inboxes. Engage users & encourage repeat visits to your website with a good Email Marketing Strategy.

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Need to build up a database of users? Perhaps you’ve already got a database but you don’t know what to do with it? Already sending emails but getting nothing in return? We can help! We have learned, over the years, that email marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels when it’s done properly. We work with our clients to build customer databases that can be used intelligently for email communication, and tailored to maximise ROI. Need us to take a look at your current email offering and make improvements? Give us a call, we would love to help!

Brand Design & Strategy

From the way it looks and how it makes people feel to how you rank on Google, your brand is the thread that runs through every aspect of your business.

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Branding is a vital element of any business – the visual story your branding tells makes a quicker and more powerful impact on potential customers than you could imagine. Whether you’re a new business that wants to start from scratch, or an established brand that needs to rethink and refresh, our branding experts can guide you through everything, from a brand strategy to a logo design. Get in touch and we’ll give you more details.

Copywriting & Strategy

Content is a key way for any website to attract new users, who have the potential to turn into paying customers.

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It’s vital to know what kinds of keywords and phrases users are searching for in your industry, and how frequently. It’s also essential to know what your competitors are writing, and how we can do better than the content that’s already out there. If a competitor’s piece of content covers A, B and C, we want to cover A, B, C and D.

We can help you to put together a content calendar based on this research, giving you the best chance of producing content that’s relevant, engaging and that offers something new. Not to mention that grabs you those all important SERP rankings!

Lead Generation

Failure to generate a consistent stream of qualified leads is the #1 reason small businesses struggle to scale up.

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Successful cold emailing is an art form that we have mastered for ourselves.

Our team knows how to write cold email copy that engages your prospects without ever annoying them.

We’ll ensure that the email addresses used to send messages are ‘warmed up’ and won’t get sent straight to spam.

We know when to send cold emails, how often to send cold emails, when to stop and how to ensure the messages comply with the growing number of legal rules and regulations that govern email in general.

Social Media Marketing

Utilising social platforms to help both existing and potential customers find you, and then keep ’em coming back to you for more.

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As you’ll know, social media is a vitally important tool for building your following and staying connected to your customers. Whether it’s a matter of customer service, launching new products, or inspiring passionate brand advocates, a strong social media presence is vital to your marketing strategy.

Here at Redwind we’re keen to become an extension of your business, and that can include managing your social media presence. While we’re happy working on organic social activity, our teams also have plenty of experience running paid social campaigns. We understand how these can drive you customers cost-effectively by targeting only the specific demographics that your messages will resonate with the most. Want to just show your ads to mums over 40, living in London, who like baking? We can do that for you.

Graphics & Editing

Your customers are bombarded with marketing every day. The only way to reach them is with standout creative that can grab their attention amongst the clutter.

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Our design team is widely skilled in creating anything you may need for both digital and print. Whether you need an overhaul of your branding, digital assets such as display ads and infographics to make boring data look beautiful, or whether you need some offline work such as signage, posters, or flyers – atom42 are a one-stop-shop for a huge variety of design projects. Get in touch with us to find out more about what we can do for your business.

Search Engine Ranking

We’ll help you navigate the search engine’s rules to get you those spots on results pages – even when Google flips the script. 

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If you own a website, it’s likely you’ve received an email promising ‘number one rankings, with little to no effort’. While sometimes it is possible to find a few easy wins, SEO is about much more than just simple optimisation. It’s also about fostering a strategic approach to keywords and content, ensuring the website is technically sound, and making sure that partnerships, link-building, and digital PR are working hard for the offsite SEO, too. SEO isn’t really a channel in its own right, it should be fully integrated across many other channels for maximum success.

If you’re keen to improve rankings, come in and have a chat with us. Our team of experts have access to some of the most advanced tools in the industry, and we can give you an honest and candid overview of what needs to be done.


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