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Search engine optimization can be a powerful tool for online marketers to increase traffic and sales.

You don’t need to be a genius with Google’s algorithms or have an in-depth knowledge of web design, you just need the right tools.

With our SEO services, we’ll work hard for your business and deliver fast results unlike any other company could provide!

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Our Search Engine Optimization Process



Competitor Analysis
Keyword Strategy
Google Algorithm
Backlinks Strategy



Keyword Analysis
Google Search Console
Site Linking Strategy



Page Optimisation
Content Marketing
Meta Tag Revision
Link Building



Traffic Monitoring
Website Rankings
Keyword Rankings
Site health

Why Choose Redwind

Our SEO services will turn traffic into revenue.

Redwind Infotech is one of the most trusted SEO agencies around and we can help your business grow by giving you the opportunity to earn more qualified search traffic through our elite SEO team.

In the world we live in today, it can be difficult to find a way of getting on top. The days where blogs and ads would suffice for your SEO strategy have long since passed; now you need more than just good content if want makes an impact online!

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

It can take anywhere from 1-8 weeks for a website to be built, depending on the complexity of the project. The more interactions you want with your site (signing up, uploading, downloading, commenting) will require significantly more work than just displaying information or selling products.

The cost of the website depends on its complexity and your preferences. Other contributing factors are the types of graphics used, effects, and the platform chosen. To know about an estimated price for your project please send us a message with details about what needs to be implemented in it so we can get back to you shortly.


We value the time of our customers and thus try to serve you within a time limit. For a basic website with less than 5 pages we get your draft ready in 2 day time. For a complex website time will vary from 1 week to 1 month.

We want to do what you need and your input is important. That’s why we always consult with customers before designing any website so that they can give us ideas on how best to optimize their sites for success!
We welcome all sorts of suggestions – no matter how crazy or off-the-wall they may seem at first glance… Your thoughts will help make our work better than ever before!


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All of our sites are built with best practices and without bloated code, optimizing it for Search Engines. We also like to include SEO Audits in all of our website projects. An SEO Audit consists of looking at your current keywords, SEO, and PPC strategy and seeing where you can improve based on traffic and content quality. The audit provides a plethora of information as well as installation onto your website and recommendations for strategy moving forward.


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