Finding the best SSL certificate providers

What we Looked at to Find the best SSL certificate providers?

You want your visitors to be aware that there is no doubt that your site is secure and reliable.

The specific amount of SSL certificates and features that you require will depend on the type and quantity of websites you operate.

The price is an important aspect, particularly when looking at longer-term costs, but it shouldn’t become the sole thing you’re focusing on. In the real world it’s all about what you spend for.

Certain businesses will be totally secured by the deal SSL certificates. Some will be very grateful for choosing a premium product that actually provides the security they require.

To figure out which SSL certificate provider service will be the best fit for your particular situation, be sure to consider the following X factors when evaluating the choices.

Types of SSL Certificates

You must choose the appropriate kind of SSL certificates for your website. Knowing the basics of the difference between them will assist you in avoiding purchasing more than you really need or not having enough.

There are three kinds of SSL certificates you’ll see. They differ based on their level of validation:

  • Domain Validated (DV): DV certificates indicate that the certificate authority has confirmed that you’re the owner of the particular domain. They are usually cost-free, however since they don’t require any other control over the domain, they are the lowest degree of trust.
  • Organization-validated (OV) The certificates of Organization Validated (OV) confirm that the authority that issued the certificate has confirmed that your company is genuine has a physical address, and is the owner of the domain. They’re not cost-free and can require several days to obtain because they require authentic identity verification. Therefore they have greater security as compared to DVs.
  • Extended Validation (EV) Certificates with EV come with the longest validation procedure. Along with checking all the information needed to be an OV certificate, an EV additionally requires scrutiny of documents issued by corporate entities.

In general, all kinds of SSL certificates issued by the same company will come with identical levels of security. The authentication process gives you an added degree of trust.

In this article, We’ve reviewed the best SSL certificate providers. They are big names that have many years of experience in protecting websites. These reviews will be followed by a quick guide to aid you in understanding the options available and asking appropriate questions in the future.

#1 – — cheapest SSL certificate provider is perfectly designed for small and expanding companies that require security for their sites but don’t be able to afford thousands of dollars each year.

They’re a mid-priced service that is suitable for businesses who have outgrown their capacity to make use of the free SSL certificates but do not have particularly complex security requirements which justify the high cost for DigiCert as well as GlobalSign.

The most appealing aspect of the prices that are affordable is that the quality of security is the same as that offered by higher-end SSL certificates.

It is possible to believe that the negative could be a less-than-professional customer service however there is no way to tell the reality. provides live chat and email and telephone assistance. Review after review many satisfied customers have expressed gratitude to the customer service rep to help them set up the first SSL certificate or for helping to resolve a complicated problem.

We believe has found a great balance between price and service. It’s not cheap not by any means, however, it’s definitely less expensive as some more enterprise-oriented SSL certificate companies.

#2 – GlobalSign — best ssl provider

GlobalSign can be the SSL certificate service of choice for large corporations with complex requirements. They not only have the most competitive rates in the business and also some of the most happy customers due to the quality of their services.

If you are only looking for only a couple of SSL certificates, We’d opt for something less costly. However If you require many certificates and managing a lot of them is beginning to create problems and you are in need of a solution, GlobalSign is the best option.

Its most advanced instrument for tracking and monitoring of certificates and the massive discounts on volume licensing decreases the cost of ownership and provides full SSL security.

Reduce the frequency of costly issues associated with expiry of certificates, regardless of the number you need to manage. You can even establish policies and get reminders whenever certificates aren’t complying regardless of the individual the person who issued the certificate.

It is no longer necessary to track for certificates manually. Everything is accessible with one click.

Take a look. If your employees save the time of a couple of hours every month because of GlobalSign’s intuitive platform and concierge service The service has already paid for itself.

We strongly recommend GlobalSign for companies that are unable to be patient enough to obtain new certificates. Once GlobalSign authenticates your company it is able to issue certificates on demand since they’ve vetted every domain.

#3 – DigiCert — Best for Premium SSL Certificates

Digicert Group is the owner of several of the most reliable CAs (GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte as well as Verisign) which has grown into one of the biggest SSL certificate providers around the globe.

Digicert is among the most expensive choices, no doubt however Digicert comes with security features in its top SSL certificates that could make a significant difference to best business.

This includes automated malware detection across all of your sites and PCI (payment card industry) conformity scans, as well as blocklist checks that assure that your website isn’t being investigated by any specific blocklist of any country or government.

Most importantly, these features are only available on Digicert’s premium plans. Digicert divides the services it offers into three categories that include Security Site Basic Secure Site as well as Secure Site Pro.

There are a variety of certificates at each tier However, we wouldn’t suggest using Basic. It’s more expensive than similar protection from others SSL certificate providers. You also do not get the additional safety features which make Digicert’s higher priced pricing an excellent purchase.

If you’re looking for the domain validation basics that is included in Digicert Basic, We’d go with However in the event that you operate an online store where customers have to enter financial information, Digicert offers a high protection level which is highly appealing.


If you aren’t able to use the most reliable no-cost SSL certificate to secure your website It is essential to choose the best alternative that is paid.

A lot will depend on the selection of the best SSL certificate provider that offers the variety of certificates you require for a price that is reasonable. My suggestions are a great start:

  1. – Best for low-cost SSL certificates
  2. GlobalSign Best managed SSL for Enterprise
  3. DigiCert (#3) The best for high-end SSL certificates

If you are a business looking to purchase low-cost SSL certificates take your first and last stop. Alongside their great prices, they have earned a good reputation for providing assistance to their customers. If you are in need of an Wildcard or SAN certificate, choosing can reduce your costs by thousands per year.

If you’re just looking for OV or EV certificates and you’re looking for a long-lasting warranty to support them, Digicert is a great option. It’s certainly more expensive however, the service offers a range of tools that will ensure the highest level of SSL security for all your websites.

GlobalSign is my choice to enterprise customers who need an organization that can help to manage their complicated SSL requirements. There’s no more user-friendly system for managing certificates on the market and you can count on their customer service representatives to be on hand whenever you need them.

There are a lot of choices available in the market for SSL certificates. The following are my top three choices. They’ve endured the test of time and helped thousands of businesses protect their websites and continually improve their technology to remain at the top of their game.