Apple’s new IOS 14.5 update changes everything.

Apple’s Craig Federighi has got a lot of power and he’s been putting it behind a new climate feature called ATT app tracking transparency being released today in IOS 14.5 apps.

And It’ll have to ask to track you in a pop-up like this.

Apple needed to make sure both that the user had a clear understanding of the decision and that we gave the developer an opportunity to explain themselves as to the purpose for which they were potentially asking to track.

And so, the developer, of course, can present messaging even before. They ask the system to prompt the user. And then they also get a little area on the panel itself to explain that they’re using this for, uh, presenting more effective ads or whatever the case may be.

As of writing this article, there’s no Apple app or service that is sharing information with external data brokers, no app or service of ours that is tracking you across other vendors, apps, and websites.


Craig further explains that they had to make it a meaningful choice and we had to make it a clear choice. And one that had an effect, and that they think is in deep contrast to most of what you see, on the internet as people get today’s update and begin to launch apps. They’ll see it at first and pretty soon, this will become a pretty infrequent occurrence on both because some apps will stop tracking or maybe never did.

And, the apps that you use that do track, you’ll make that decision once and that’ll be it.

Let us know what you think of the new IOS 14.5 update.